20 June 2017

The 2017 SEXposium!

Hey, folks!

I just want to give a big shout out and thanks to organizers of this year’s amazing SEXposium!  They brought to Toronto  some really big names in the science of sexincluding Marc Breedlove and Meredith Chivers and otherswho have TED-style talks, available to the public.  It was a great program, the audiences were engaged and invigorating, and it was wonderful to see so many talented students planning to pursue this as a career!  It was a genuine pleasure to participate!

The organizer, Diana Peragine, did an amazing job.  She's a grad student in the Laboratory of Cognitive Neuro-science, Gender, and Health at the University of Toronto. I understand that this is just the second year of this project: So, I'm already pretty excited to see how it shapes up for next year!  This was truly an impressive project on a topic with no shortage of public interest!

James Cantor at the 2017 SEXposium
Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto, Ontario.
For those interested, the slides from my own talk, Pedophilia being in the brain: The evidence & the public's reaction, can be downloaded by clicking here. There was a lot of live tweeting during my talk, and I am grateful for all your comments!

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