11 May 2017

Some dreams do come true.

Forgive me but: I must have just the best fucking job in the world.  Sure, I had fantasies, but never in my wildest dreams did I imagine I would ever get to walk a red carpet...an actual, honest-to-goodness red carpet. (!)

Matt Campea (left) and James Cantor (right)
at the 2017 Canadian Screen Awards.
The real hero here, however, is Matt Campea, the talented, young director of I, Pedophile.  (I just got to be along for the ride.)  For folks who haven't watched it, Campea did an unbelievably good job with an unbelievably challenging topic.  In I, Pedophile, Campea interviews several pedophilic men discussing their lives and experiences living with sexual attractions they didn't ask for and don't want, scientists studying the problem internationally, and protestors expressing the more familiar (but somewhat less rational) public views.  Audiences both public and professional keep telling me the very same thing after watching: "Wow, I'm going to have to think about this some more..."

The film got great reviews from the actual critics, and it was a sincere delight to see Campea get nominated for a Canadian Screen Award (the Canadian Emmy's) for best social/political documentary.  So, here we are, with our mandatory selfie at the awards gala!  (We'd have taken more, but it was cooold!!)

It still amazes me: The funny, little math nerd/brain scientist actually makes good his funny, little fantasy in show business.

Well, okay, so there is also a downside to the best fucking job in the world: There is now an entry for I, Pedophile in IMDb (the International Movie Database).  At first, the show-biz queen in me was tickled to read "Staffing James Cantor." But then the rest of the entry sunk in: "as himself." Um... In a film named, "I, Pedophile." Oy...

To stream and watch I, Pedophile:
     From Canada: http://www.cbc.ca/firsthand/episodes/i-pedophile
     From Australia: https://www.tvcatchupaustralia.com/i-pedophile/april-30-2017-292367
     U.S. distribution is expected in the fall, 2017.
Special arrangements can also be made for classroom and other non-profit use.